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Lake Fork Spring Tips

Lake Fork Professional Guide David OzioArticle: April, 2013
1) The majority of Lake Fork is devoid of vegetation which encourages bass to spawn against shallow stumps. To catch these bedding fish, lures of choice could be a Wacky Worm, Shakey Head, Drop Shot or Senko. Focus on 2 -4ft of water and cast to each side of the stump or tree. Watch the line as the bite will usually come on the fall and the line will start moving away from the target. On days following cold fronts, back out to water depths from 5 - 10 ft. using the same baits.

2) There will be pre and post spawn fish during the month of April. Secondary points will be excellent staging areas especially if there are spawning flats close by. Add a channel swing close to thee secondary point and you could hook the bass of a life time. Spinnerbaits and shallow crankbaits will work well and don't forget to pitch the wood in these locations.

3) Wind is your friend. Shad will spawn when the water temps approach 70 degrees. Concentrate on main lake points and secondary points using, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and rattle traps. You can get away with line sizes from 17 to 20lb test to score a trophy of a life time.
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Fishing Tip by Lake Fork Guide David Ozio


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