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3 Great New Fishing Lines

Article: September, 2009
Lake Fork Pro Guide Tom RedingtonImproved technology has transformed the game of golf with balls that fly farther and are easier to control, while today’s clubs make it easier for even amateur hacks like me to consistently strike the “sweet spot” of the club. Players are now hitting the ball so much farther that entire courses are being redone to keep up the new generation of equipment. Thankfully, technology is rapidly improving fishing tackle as well, so our equipment not only performs better, but it is also easier to use. With better performance and ease of use in mind, Lake Fork Trophy Lures recently introduced the following lines to the market.

POWERSILK (PS): PS is a new high technology copolymer monofilament fishing line with extremely low stretch of 11% (many copolymer lines stretch 25% or more). This provides excellent sensitivity versus normal monofilament lines, while retaining good knot strength and abrasion resistance. Best of all, PS has extremely low memory and comes off the spool very smoothly, making it super long casting. These easy handling characteristics make PS a good choice for fishing on spinning and bait casting reels. Moreover, since PS floats and casts like a bullet, it is my first choice for fishing topwater baits because it’s limp enough to cast even small poppers a mile. Plus, the low stretch of PS gives it enough feel that it is a great all around line for fishing worms and jig—producing a lot more feel than regular mono.

FLUOROHYBRID (FH): FH is a unique new co-extruded high tech fishing line with a strong copolymer monofilament core surrounded by an outer layer of 100% fluorocarbon. It is the only mono/fluorocarbon hybrid line that is co-extruded—all others use a core of mono with a coating or layer of fluoro over it. FH combines several of mono and fluoro’s best characteristics. It is a sinking line that is very limp for superior handling and casting, yet strong with great knot strength and the near invisibility underwater of 100% fluorocarbon. With moderate stretch and good abrasion resistance, FH is ideal for "moving lures" such as swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. Like PS, its limpness and very low memory make it an excellent line for both spinning reels and bait casting reels. Basically, FH combines the strength and easy handling traits of mono with the invisibility and abrasion resistance of fluoro.

FLUOROHYBRID PRO (FHP): FHP is the very latest member of the incredible new Lake Fork Trophy Lure lines, and my personal favorite. It is a co-extruded sinking line similar to FH, designed with lower stretch, more sensitivity, and more abrasion resistance for the demanding applications of serious anglers. FHP combines the very best traits of mono and fluorocarbon, while eliminating the drawbacks of each. Monofilament and copolymer lines are very strong and often have low memory, but they are also easier for fish to see and they don’t have a lot of sensitivity. Fluorocarbon lines are nearly invisible in water and have excellent feel; however, those lines are often hard to cast and keep on the reel because they have a lot of memory, plus most fluorocarbon lines have poor knot strength. Due to its exclusive manufacturing process, FHP is nearly as sensitive, abrasion resistant and invisible as fluoro, while it is as strong and easy handling as the best mono lines. The easy handling, invisibility, and sensitivity make FHP perfect for spinning reel finesse applications like drop shots, wacky worms, and shaky heads. In addition, FHP excels at “feel” techniques on bait casters such as Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, casting jigs, and flipping or pitching. No longer do you have to sacrifice knot strength and ease of handling with these techniques for the invisibility and feel of fluorocarbon lines.

Just like golf courses keep getting longer and tougher to combat the improved club and ball technology, bass keep getting wiser and warier each year and are tougher to fool. Thankfully, new fishing lures and tackle improvements like the new lines from LFT can keep you one step ahead of the fish.
Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by  Lake Fork Pro Tom Redington


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