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Andrew Grills' 
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted: 7-22-2022

Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills

We are enjoying some good fishing on Lake Fork this summer! The low water conditions and the extreme heat haven’t hurt the bite at all. As a matter of fact, the fishing has been better this summer than it has been in a few years.

The bass on Lake Fork like consistency, and long periods of hot weather and southeast wind are a recipe for success here. I’ve been catching fish shallow and deep for the last two months. The main thing is finding an area that’s holding fish, and isn’t getting too much pressure. Swimbaits like Santone’s paddle pig, or a Texas rigged craw are producing well for me in the shallow water. As I venture out to offshore structure, a big worm or jig has been best. For the jig, I’m using a Santone football jig. My favorite colors are black and blue, Mexican Heather, and PB&J.

I’m seeing water temperatures in the high 80’s early in the morning, but as the day progresses the temperature on the surface is getting in the low 90’s. That’s some warm water! The water level is dropping considerably from evaporation with the heat we’ve been having this summer. At the moment, we’re 6.6 feet below full pool. As the lake gets lower, forgotten stumps are popping up here and there. Be careful out here!

Hopefully this helps you catch a few more fish this month on Lake Fork. If I can be of any assistance on your upcoming trip, please let me know!

Andrew Grills

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills

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