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Brooks Rogers'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 11-12-18

Brooks Rogers

As a sit here this morning about to head to the lake it is cold and raining. However, I blessed to be able to fish for a living and have the outdoor gear to be comfortable out in these conditions. It's gonna be cold but I've had some great catches over the years under these conditions.

Right now Fork is a little above full pool and maybe a little on the rise today. Fishing has been very up and down. When I get three or four days without rain I do well. Several techniques are producing now and it hasn't changed much since my last report. On the warmer days a Yellow Magic top water has been producing around shallow coon tail moss. Also around the moss a light weight Texas rig and a spinnerbait are also producing. Another area to try is around flooded lily pads with a spinnerbait. Now that we've had a freeze the leaf part of the pad dies which makes them easier to fish. I've also tried some deep water lately put haven't found a whole lot but I know there are fish to be caught out there to if you spend the time to find em. For the deep pattern I would recommend a drop shot, spoon, tail spin, or Carolina rig.

I still have a few more days open between now and the weekend of Thanksgiving. This is a great time of year to fish Fork. In the next 2 weeks I still have the 15,16,20,23,24,25. I can be reached anytime at 903 780-0680.


Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Brooks Rogers

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