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Brooks Rogers'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

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Brooks Rogers

In all my life I don't recall a winter this mild. Trees and plants have been blooming and budding and there have been bass on beds since the second week of February.

Fishing lately has been fair to good depending on the day. During the full moon of February we had a wave of fish pull up on the north end of the lake and spawn. Since then there's just been some stragglers coming and going on and off beds. However, this coming weekend we will have a full moon and there should be a big wave come up to spawn.

Lately fish are being caught on everything. There seem to be a lot of bucks up shallow that are biting everything from weightless plastics, T rigged creature baits, and spinnerbait, chatterbait. Lately on the bigger fish I've been fishing a little deeper but not too deep. For the bigger bass I've been focusing in 4-6 feet of water keying on little creeks and draws or stump rows near spawning areas. In these places I've been throwing a 1/2oz jig or 3/4 oz spinnerbait. If the wind isn't blowing too hard I throw the jig if the wind is blowing I throw the spinnerbait.

If you're coming to Fork the lake is still a little over 2 feet low so be very careful. I still have March 21-23 open and the 28 if anyone is interested. Good luck out there and be safe. I can be reached anytime at 903 780-0680.

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Brooks Rogers

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