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Tom Evans'
Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

Pro Guide Tom Evans
Report Submitted: 3-11-17

Bass fishing on Lake Fork is coming on strong. The first wave of bass are spawning now. Unseasonably warm weather has prompted a early move for many fish. We are catching good numbers of fish on plastics fished weightless, shakey head or dropshot. Most days the bite gets better as the day heats up. Cold fronts with cold nights can slow the bite down for a day or two but the big bite can still happen. The upper ends of Lake Fork are stained but the water temperature is a couple of degrees warmer. We are seeing water temperature in thehi 50s to mid 60s depending on the weather conditions. Lots of buck bass are in water 8ft and less. We are catching a lot of them with an occasional female in the mix. I haven't been fishing deep structure much. The lake is about 2 feet low and I really like it at this level. It sure looks like the weather is going to remain unseasonably warm and that is going to be great for our spring bass fishing. Some bass will spawn twice when the conditions are rite. At this point there are many deep water fish that are just realizing spring is early. When these fish make their move shallow it will really get good. No one can say when that will be because of weather variations.

I fish other lakes in the area too and they are producing well. So far for me fishing plastic slowly has produced best on any of the lakes I'm fishing. I check the moving bait bite each day but have little success.

I hope this report helps you catch more fish on your next trip. Remember Lake Fork gets VERY busy on the weekends this time of year with tournaments and normal traffic. Be flexible and fish the weekdays or try some of the other lakes in the area. We have many great bass Lake's within 50 miles of Fork. I encourage my clients to let me take them to other lakes if the tournaments have taken over Lake Fork for the weekend.

Good luck on your next trip and if you're looking for a guide give me a call or text 972 974-6552.

Tom Evans

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Tom Evans
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