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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

Report Submitted: 10-3-17

Welcome to Lake Fork

Lake level is - .61and surface temps are high 70s to low 80s. Oct. Is here the fishing has started off ok and will get better as we get the month started The lake turnover is done and it's starting to be in great shape now. After the last three Springs of great spawns we're going to really see the results with a lot of fish being caught throughout the lake like just like last year. This will continue all Fall as these young fish feed up. This is great for the future population for larger fish. Right now you can catch tIhem on a lot of different baits as Shad is their primary diet. There's a lot of fish feeding shallow from the front to the back of creeks. Top waters, flukes, wacky rigs, Tx. rigs and drop shots will all catch their share of fish. Red Bug, Blue Fleck, Tomato and African Special have been our best colors on most plastics. We're in transition and the as the month starts going along deeper fish will really start stacking up on the ridges, humps and road beds feeding on bar fish and smaller sand bass. We catch a lot of big fish in mid Oct. through Nov. when they get in this pattern. The weather is great and the fishing is about to get good. If you need a guide I have good dates available. You can email or call my cell @ 972-979-4850. Website info. @ .

As always thanks for reading my report

Good fishing!
Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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