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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

Report Submitted: 10-2-19

Welcome to Lake Fork

Lake level is -1.54 and surface temps are still in in mid 80s. Fall is here but temps are still high for this time. But loos like next week we should finally start getting cooler weather. Seen a little high 70s and mid 80s coming. We still have a little turn over going on out there but these cooler surface temps water temps coming will finish it off. The lake clarity will get a lot better and the bite is about get good as fish will get more active. Most of the bait are shallow right now and that's we been catching them on best. Mid way to the back of the larger coves fishing near the shallower part of the creeks have been working. Also a few of the flats with some grass that have deeper water or creek channel nearby. We had been catching them best on a Exites 3/8 oz. shaky head with Zoom mag worm or V&M chop stick on it. Also try a Berkley 7" power worm in Blue Fleck tx. rigged with 3/8 oz. Tungston weight pegged. Now the best bite has been on the drop shot and the chop stick fished tx. rigged. If there's no vegetation we're keying on wood throwing really close to it. The best color on the drop shot has been Tomato and on the chop stick it has been Texas Smoke for us. You can catch them on other baits and techniques but this is what has worked best for us lately. I'm really looking for the cooler weather to get here because it's about to get real out there soon. If you need a guide please contact me @ 972 979 4850. You can also email My website is Pics on Instagram also Lake Fork guide Eddie Garrett. I would love to earn your business. As always thanks for reading my report.

Good fishing!

Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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