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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie GarrettReport Submitted: 6-24-17
Water level is full and surface temps are ranging from 83 to 86 degrees. We're in the third week of June and the deep fish are finally starting to set up on their Summertime haunts. In a normal year I was finding these fish on the deeper humps, long points, roadbeds and ridges at the first of June in 18' to 26'. When it gets hot like this it is probably my favorite time of the year for larger fish if you can take the heat. Being able to read your electronics correctly though is a must in the deeper water. This is where a lot of people struggle, get discouraged and are intimidated out deep. But if you learn to read them and know what you are looking at more successful will come out there. This time of the year they like big worms c-Rigs, big shaky heads and football jigs. Xcites 10"Raptor Tail is is a good one because it really floats up on a c-rig and shaky head. Red Bug and Blue Fleck are my favorite colors in these right now. I also like their Reflex football jig in 3/4 and 1 oz. size in Texas Crawl with a Raptor chunk trailer in Watermelon Gold right now. Santone also makes a good football jig. If the fish are on the bottom I will just drag it slowly. If their up off the bottom some I will stroke it up on a semi tight line. Another soft plastic bait I like right now when they want something smaller on a c-rig this time of the year is a LFT ring fry which has worked well here for a long time and Xcites Hawgalicious which floats up well. Watermelon Red is a good color. On some days when the water is flat and still and they just don't to seem to want anything else go to a drop shot. Don't underestimate a big bite on it either! I like Tomato, Red Bug and some of our largest fish have come on Watermelon Magic in the Summer. With the lake full and plenty of cover there will always be some shallower fish biting on several different techniques such as top water, TX rig, wacky and small cranks and drop shots but the deep water fishing is what I like to do in the Summer If you need a guide email or call my cell @ 972-979-4850. I have some good dates open this Summer. Thanks for reading my report.
Good fishing!
Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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