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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

Report Submitted: 7-5-19

Welcome to Lake Fork

Water level is +.16 and surface temps are 82 to 86 degrees.Summer is here and it's finally starting to heat up out there. The fish are biting pretty good though on most days. We've also had a few big ones in the couple weeks but not as many as we normally have in June. As the temps start warm you you need to start dressing appropriate and stay hydrated. I live this time of year for deep structure fishing We're starting out in 12' to 14' early and fishing mostly 18'to 24' the rest of the day. Humps, ridges, long extended points and roadbeds are our main targets. June fished ok but I expect July to fish like June should have for larger fish and numbers. The hotter it gets the better they will group up out there. I've had some of my customers fishing drop shots on larger trick worms in Red Bug and Tomato colors I hardly ever throw a finesse worm in deeper water this time of year. Also using 10" worms TX rigged with a 3/8 ox. tungsten weight in Plum Apple and Tequila Sunrise. C-rigs working ok on some days using Watermelon Candy flukes with sunshine and Chartreuse Pepper ring frys with clouds. V&M J-Mag worm in Plum Apple and blue fleck will really come into play as it gets hotter. I still have some good days open in July and Aug. If you need a guide feel free to call me @ 972 979 4850. You can also email me You can also check out pics on my Instagram - Lake Fork guide eddie garrett. As always thanks for reading my report.

 Tight lines and good fishing!

Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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