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Jim Range's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted: 2-10-17
Lake Fork Fishing Adventures, LLC, Jim Range
Lake Fork Fishing Adventures, LLC
February 10, 2017

We are starting this season with Fork approximately 2 ˝ feet low.  There is plenty of submerged timber so running tight to the boat lane is a must.  Outside the lane I would advise idling or use the trolling motor.  I can’t stress safety enough


We have seen unseasonable warm weather the past several weeks. The water temperature  is 52° - 55° and has good color. We have been catching some fish shallow late in the afternoon in grass. They have been light colored which is a sign that they have just come from deep water.  The best bite has been on trick worms and drop shot.


If you are planning on adding or replacing any of your rods I would encourage you to contact Ronnie Parker at Lake Fort Trophy Lures (800-408-2028) to inquire about their new line of Limit Elite Rods. They are great rods and  are attractively priced.  Visit my website at for additional information about these new rods.


If you are making plans to fish Lake Fork and you need a professional guide, it would be my pleasure to take you out for some fun and great fishing.  Please visit my website or give me a call at 903-473-9520 to schedule a trip.


Until the next fishing report, “Have fun, catch fish”.

Jim Range

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Jim Range
Lake Fork Fishing Adventures, LLC
Phone: 903-473-9520


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