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The Tricks of The Trade

Lake Fork Professional Guide Lance VickLake Fork Pro Guide Lance Vick passes on tricks of the Trade to help you catch more and bigger fish.

Using two Lake Fork Mega Weights on your Carolina Rig will improve bites. I use two 1/2 oz. Mega weights instead of a 1 oz. weight. This system is better in many ways. First the hard tungsten nickel alloy when clicked together is much louder than glass and brass or any other noise makers. Second two smallers weights come through and over cover better than on big one. On lighter wind days or shallower water try two 3/8 oz. weights.

March Tip: This time of the year bass are spawning and anglers need to be watchful of bass spawning areas.Try not to disturb spawning areas. Use a push when fishing around beds. Don't prop wash beds with your trolling motor. Please handle fish quickly at this time of year to reduce stress on spawning bass.
Have camera equipment ready to take photos. If your not ready have live well filled put bass into live well until camera is ready. Know what shots you want to take before you pull the bass out of the live well. Remember you are protecting the future of bass fishing.

Tips for hot weather bassing ;
Wear white or very light colored clothes. Long sleeve shirts are much cooler as there is shade on your arms instead of the sunlight.
Apply and reapply a good sunscreen with a spf factor of 30 or better.
Wear a hat that covers your neck and ears. Its like having your own shade tree. Drink more water than you think you can.
Put ice in a towel and drape around your neck.
Move to deep open water and jump in to cool off.
If you put a bass in your live well, fill your well early add ice, add catch and release add your bass recirculate the water. Do not pump hot water in. About every two hours pump out half of the water add new water from the lake add ice, add catch and release.

In the deep summer a trick to catch fish when their not real active is to throw the rig over a tree and bring your lure up through the limbs. When you set the hook be sure to get the bass up and out of the tree then fight the fish close to the boat by figure 8 fighting until the bass is ready to come to the boat.
Look for birds feeding on shad in the early summer. Best places to watch are wind blow points. Catch feeding bass on A white Johnson buzz bait for some awesome top water action. Use a Big O crankbait in shad colors to wear feeding fish out. Fish these points very shallow in the morning working out deeper later in the day.

During the late winter and early spring. Rattle Trap's and Cotton Cordell Spots are a very dependable lure to use. Bass looking for warmer water will move to shallow grass lines that receive plenty of sun. Secondary points and main lake points are good places to find bass on this pattern. Shades of red crawfish, crawfish and chartreuse are good colors. Use of heavy line helps keep the lure running shallower above the grass. Remember use of a high speed retrieve reel is a must. Change stock hooks with premium hooks such as Excalibur hooks. Fish rattle baits along grass lines and points, let lure come in contact with grass to create a pause or break in the retrieve. There are two types of hits when fishing a trap like this. One is the heavy like you just pulled into a big wad of grass, the other is the blow slack in your line, break your wrist hit. Both can be big bass be ready and play the fish before your get it to the boat there frisky this time of the year.
Until next time
Good Fishing, Lance

Fishing Tip by Lake Fork Guide Lance Vick


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