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Dave Longrie's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Crappie and Catfish Fishing Report
Report Submitted 11-14-18

Lake Fork Guide Dave Longrie


The catfish this week have been at 28 to 30 feet and we are still catching a lot of big cats and daily limits. They been right on the bottom and a very light bit. If you can take the cold weather you will catch some nice fish. We have been catching them on what we call Bayou Liver and onions that we make, and use a #4/0 treble hook.

Crappie this week have been in 26 to 28 feet some on the bottom and some up about 14 feet. bit was a little slower but the size has be great. We have been catching them in blue and chartreuse and some guys have been doing good on minnows. Crappies shout be schooled up after this cold snap because the water last week was still 61. This will be a lot cooler after tomarrow

Dave Longrie

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Dave Longrie

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