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Marc Mitchell's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 3-9-17

Lake Fork Pro Guide Marc Mitchell

Lake Fork is fishing good. Numbers and size are good. Most days we have some small males but had several days with a 8 lb fish in the mix. Good to see some healthy fish.

Lots of fish on beds in some areas but they are getting hammered. I have not sight fished yet although I have seen a few. We are just having good success with Z-Man chatter baits and senkos and flukes. Covering lots of water but it is working.

I have a couple of spots that are working really good and have been since early Jan. Fun fishing for sure.

Best things to look for is coves on the North side of the lake that can have some wind blockage. Some that are open to south winds have had some nice bait pushed in them and have concentrated the fish in there.

Next best this is a good creek going into the pocket with big stumps on the edge. Grass is another plus. All these will put you in the fish.

Best colors on chatter bait chart/white 3/8 oz.

Best colors on flukes and senkos have been watermelon red and black/blue. I am sure these fish would hit lots of other colors.

I look for a buzz bait bite soon as well as a frog bite over grass. Swimbaits are not to far out as well. When the water hits 70 degrees look out. Right now we are seeing anything from 56-66 on water temp. Cool fronts have really jacked with the temps, that and wind.

I hope this helps you on your next trip to Lake Fork. If you are interested in a guide trip on Lake Fork I would like to be your guide and show you a great time. I only have a couple of days open in April at this time and I am booked solid in March.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my report.


Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Marc Mitchell

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