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Marc Mitchell's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

FROM: Mitchell's Guide Service
Report Submitted:  3-31-18
April, 2018

Lake Fork Pro Guide Marc Mitchell

It has been a long winter here on Fork. Just when you think it is over it shows back up for a few days.Water has stayed murky for long time now. Cold fronts and rain have really made the fish slow to pull up. The fish are just stagging off shore in shallow water like 3 -5 ft. Middle of pockets or ditches coming into the spawning areas are key for the bigger fish although on a good warm day there will be a few move into 1-2 ft. Grass has also been the ticket. Some fish in the bushes and willows but nothing like grass.

Best baits have been Zman Chatter baits, flukes,and Dingers. Color vary on all depending on water clarity and temp. Water temps are ranging from 58-64 but some days hitting 68-70. I am looking for the magic temp of 65 water temp to kick start the spawn. I have been seeing this on some days just to go away over night. April should be a really good month for big fish. As the spawn gets going look for it to drag out the whole month.

Lake is at a very good level as of writing. This would be great for the spawn if the SRA will just leave it alone. This I doubt will happen. Cross your fingers cause we need a good spawn here at Fork.

I hope this helps you on your next trip to Lake Fork. At this time I am booked up till mid May. If you are interested in hiring a guide on Lake Fork I would love to be your guide and show you a great time on Lake Fork and what I know about this famous lake. My contact info is listed below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my short report.

May God Bless You.

Marc Mitchell

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Marc Mitchell
Mitchell's Guide Service

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