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Marc Mitchell's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 2-20-17

Lake Fork Pro Guide Marc Mitchell

Fork has been really good for the last month for me. Good numbers for sure and sometimes we get a big one. The fish have been in the shallow water since Dec. I would like to see a little rain to bring the lake up cause this could help us during the spawn.

The fish are set up now and there will be early spawners this year as many other years when we have a mild winter. The strongest pattern for me in moving baits cause we can cover lots of water and locate the fish and sometimes they are just bunched up.

Zman chatter baits in several colors are working,chart/white,orange/black/red. Spinner baits in same colors. I have had some success with square bills also in similar colors, like chart/black or bright bream patterns.

Flukes and senkos are working also if you want to slow down and pitch them at stumps and over grass. Black/blue senkos are hard to beat but a watermelon/red fluke is deadly also.

Best places are midway to way back in the coves with good channels going into them. When the channel swings next to a flat they fish are on the edge. Any wood or grass is a plus. Watch water temp cause that is a plus also. Now if you want to TX rig and or jig fish you can just pitch at any structure in these areas and have some success.

Best depths are 1-4 ft.

I hope this helps you on your next trip to Lake Fork. If you are interested in a guide trip on Lake Fork I would like to be your guide and show you what I know about Lake Fork. I have been a guide here for 35 years now and I know this lake like my backyard and it patterns. I still have a few week days open the next couple of months so give me a call if I can help.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my report.


Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Marc Mitchell

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