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John Morris'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

FROM: J & M Guide Service
Report Submitted: 4-21-19

Lake Fork Pro Guide John Morris of J&M Guide Service with a 9.7 bass caught April 26, 2012

DATES: 15 – 21 April 2019

Happy Easter everyone! This week met us with 3 inches of rain and strong north and south winds. The water clarity is highly stained to muddy and the water temperatures are in the lower 60’s. The Bass fishing was fare at best and many good anglers struggled to catch a good limit of fish. The best way we found to catch the finicky Bass was on watermelon /red and Tilapia Zoom flukes fished on a split shot rig. We dyed the tails of both of the watermelon/red and Tilapia fluke’s chartreuse to help with the water clarity issue. One other way we caught them is by using Buddy’s Custom Baits from here at Lake Fork Stick O bait. We did change colors this week to a black and blue and put a nail in the head to get the Stick O down in the duckweed. We rigged the Stick O two ways, one was wacky style and the other on a split shit rig. As we approach the Bass post spawn time of year the bass will be starting to put on the feedbag and wanting to chase shad. Always keep a Strike King KVD 1.5, 2.5 or the new 3.5 square bill crankbait tied on. Look for the Bass to be out on creek sub points and main lake points. As far as colors go, the water clarity will dictate what color of square bill crankbait you will want to use.

It was a crazy week for the Crappie anglers. A new wave of Crappies moved into the shallow water to spawn. The reason this happened is that there was a full moon this week. There were a lot Crappies caught between 2 and 4 foot of water on minnows.

The White Bass also moved into the shallow water to spawn. Most of the White Bass were caught on minnows on sub points of creeks.

The Catfish anglers are continuing to catch good Catfish in 4 foot of water. This week the Catfish were dinning on minnows also.

On our equipment list this week, is our Ranger Z520c powered by a Mercury 250 Pro XS, Minn Kota trolling motor, Lowrance electronics, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia reels, Stren Line, Buddy’s Custom Baits, Zoom soft plastics and Strike King KVD crankbaits.

Here at J & M Guide Service we have three days in May left open for guided trophy Bass trips. Give us a call at (903)413-6919 or E-mail us at Have a safe fishing week and be courteous to your fellow angler.

John Morris

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide John Morris
J & M Guide Service
(903) 413-6919


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