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John Tanner's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Monthly Report
January, 2017
Report Submitted 12-27-16

Pro Guide John Tanner with a 10.1 Lake Fork bass caught 4-11-14January/Feb 2017 Lake Fork Texas Fishing Report

Hello from Lake Fork Texas! This Lake Fork Bass Guide report will consist of some of the latest patterns, as well as what to look for in the upcoming weeks as we head into the first part of 2017.

The Lake Fork water level at the time of the writing of this article on 12/26 is 400.10 or - 2.90 off of full pool. This water level sets up pretty good for the pre spawn bite. This level will usually put the fish on the secondary points and in the channels as they follow the baitfish towards the creeks looking for a place to stage until the spawn begins. Surface water temps have been running 52 to 54 degrees.

As the bass trickle into the shallower water here on Lake Fork in the next few weeks, be careful to pay attention to water temps and available cover. Any submerged hydrilla beds along the points and channels leading into spawning areas, will start to hold fish in the next 2 months, as well as the stumps along shallow tree lines and points.

If we have a super cold January and February, look for fish to be holding in areas that don’t get a lot of north wind and run off from cold rains. These areas should have a bit warmer water temps and will attract more fish. Northwest shorelines and pockets up the lake to the north will usually have the first pre spawn fish.

Good lures for this time of year are lipless and square bill crank baits in red or crawfish colors, chatter baits in chartreuse/white and crawfish colors, black and blue Stanley Jigs in 3/8 or ˝ ounce, and Texas rigged craw worms and lizards. Suspending jerk baits and slow rolled Stanley spinner baits in chartreuse/white have their place as well in the pre-spawn period.

With the cooler water temps you usually have to slow down your retrieve to catch em. And one thing to remember that can really make a difference, is to make contact with the cover. This will trigger reaction strikes from the fish. You might even have to make several cast to one tree, or one patch of grass to get that bite from that big ole Lake Fork trophy bass. So be patient and keep chunkin!

Thank you for reading this report and I hope this will help you catch more and bigger bass this week. If you would like to book a guided trip with us here on Lake Fork, call us at 903-569-7451 or drop me a line at

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Please pray for our country, our service men and women and their families. Also pray for the sick and the lost. Got Jesus?? Read John 3:16. Good fishing and God Bless
Good Fishing and God Bless,
John Tanner

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide John Tanner


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