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John Tanner's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Monthly Report
March, 2017
Report Submitted 3-15-17

Pro Guide John Tanner with a 10.1 Lake Fork bass caught 4-11-14Spring Time Bassin on Lake Fork

The Bass are spawning, the lake is in good shape and it’s time to head to Lake Fork!

Our current lake conditions are overall really good compared to last year at this time. Even though the Lake Fork water level is down a couple of feet, there is a lot of coon tail moss in the backs of many of the spawning pockets. The bass are piling into this stuff are fun to catch. With all of the unseasonably warm weather we have had in February, a lot of the bass are spawning a little early on the north ends of the lake, due to the warmer than normal water temps at this time

Well let’s talk about how to catch some of these Lake Fork Trophy Bass. Grass and timber is the combo to look for, and this year in certain parts of the lake there is plenty of that mixture. Hit the backs of the pockets with flukes and senko type baits. I will rig one without a weight and one with a small 1/16 ounce bullet sinker. It is getting time to break out the frog rod as well in the places with heavy weeds. Those spawning fish will smash a frog as it comes over their bed.

Later in the month as the water warms, start working some of the coves in the mid lake area. Early in the month, main and secondary points leading into the major creeks will be good areas as well. We have already been catching some big fish up shallow in some of the early spawning areas also on Texas rigged soft plastics, like the Side Track Mud Puppy by Hale/Stanley Lures, and Hypersticks by LFT. The fish have been coming on the edges of the flooded vegetation. Use a light weight to avoid balling up in the weeds.

Now is the time to start heading to Lake Fork Texas for a bass guide trip. You have a shot at a fish of lifetime every spring, here on Fork. They live here, and on any given cast you have the chance to catch a true giant bass. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it will help you catch more and bigger bass this spring. If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork Texas call us at 903-569-7451. Or drop us a line at or check us out on the world wide web at Check out the fishing reports, photos and videos of some cool catches here on Lake Fork. If you are in the market for a boat, I have a 2016 Skeeter ZX250 for sale at an awesome price. For details call me 903-569-7451.
Read John 3:16.

Good Fishing and God Bless,
John Tanner

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide John Tanner


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