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Moon Effects

Article: December, 2006
Lake Fork Pro Jim Reaneau
 There has been many beliefs on the moons effect on humans and animal behavior. The hospitals have reported more patients during a full moon. The police have had more criminal activity. So if it effects the human you can bet it effects the animal and fish. There are many thoughts on this aspect to fish. We all know the moon controls the tides. So if it controls the tides why then would it not control the fish. I have always preached that three days before and three days after the new or full moon there is a crawfish hatch. This brings in the pan fish which brings the predator fish in to feed on them. Everyone thinks the fish feed at night when the moon is full. This is also a thought for the hunter. There is not much written on this subject but all hunters and fishermen have there trial and error experiences on the moon phase. Do fisherman fish at night on the full moon because the fish are more active or is it just because they can see better? That is something to think about. 50 percent of the month is in the strong moon phase and this is where all the fishing is usually better. The fish don’t leave the shallow water in the weaker moon but may move back to a break and sit till the next phase.

I know in the spring the fish will move up around the new and full moon when the water temperature is correct. The big females will usually be more inclined to move on the moon phases during the spring. I know when the moon is still up during the day I have a harder time catching fish than when it is not present during the day. Don’t let the moon control when you go fishing but it is something to think about. There have been a few research findings that disprove that there are more births during the full or new moon. I know that the moon controls many things on this earth and we have to use the areas we have confidence in and apply it to our hunting and fishing. I for one would use the Full and new moon to set a trip during the spawn. Again all this is good but weather and water temperature will control the spawn more than anything. The biggest TIP is GO fishing when you can and use the moon phases if it will work in your favor.

I hope this will help you understand a little about the effect of the moon and our outside activities during that time of the month.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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