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 Use Your Sunscreen

Article: May, 2006
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis months article will hit close to home for me and I hope it gets everyone who reads it attention. Six weeks ago I was diagnose with malignant melanoma cancer in my neck. Since this time I have had two surgeries. They missed a place with the first surgery and had to go back in. It will be two to three weeks before I get the next results from biopsy. If you don’t believe in sun screen then you better get ready to join the club. I put sun screen on any exposed area before getting out in the sun. You must put the sun screen on in the morning before you get exposed and then reply at noon to ensure you are covered. If you wait till noon to apply your first coat you will already be burned. Then you are at risk for cancer. This is serious business. This is no joke and we need to listen. I did all the right things and still came up with cancer. I use Bull Frog clear sun screen. This is a major brand and has a sweat proof and all day protection, but it still needs to be replied at lunch. If there has ever been and article I have written that I want you to follow this is it. I am trying to save your life. There are many sun screens that will probably do the job. Brand doesn’t matter as long as you apply and reapply. For years many guides wanted to look like raccoons with the dark face and white eyes but this can be a bad thing. We as humans we have always tried to get darker during the summer and have that dark tan but we have learned this is not a good thing and we still continue to go out in the sun and get burned. The sun rays have changed very much these last couple of years with global warming etc. Another thing is to dress with long sleeves and a hat that will cover your ears. When you go to your Doctor have him to check you skin while you are there. You are paying for a visit and they will follow your instructions about the skin examine. Tell them you are out in the sun and want to be checked.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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