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Deep Winter Fishing

Article: December, 2002
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis month's article will cover the deep winter fishing on Lake Fork. As the month of December rolls around the weather starts to really chill down. The water temp starts to fall. The bass can be very dormant this time of year. But if the weather stays as it has been the last month or so we can have some great fishing days. Under normal winter conditions for December the jigging spoon, tail spinners, big spinner baits, and the ever popular jig and pig these are the baits of choice. The water is very cold and the fish don’t need to feeds as often. Their metabolism has slowed down and a small meal can go a long way. The fish are putting on their winter fat and producing eggs for the spawn. Deep humps and creek bends are the key areas to work. Flipping a jig around the tree lined creek channels with a bug number one pork trailer is a good big fish bait. Slow rolling big spinner baits over the humps and out in 25 to 30 foot of water can produce a big fish. When the fronts start to approach get out on the lake as this will cause the fish to feed on some occasions. A Carolina rigs worked slowly is another good producer. The best two baits are the jigging spoon and tail spinners. These two baits will probably out perform all the other baits at this time. A lipless crank bait in half ounce can work some magic this time of year. The key is work all the baits as slow as you possible can. The exception is the lipless crank bait. This bait can be worked slow and may work better than all the others on given days. Don’t expect to catch a lot of fish this time of year. The bite will be slow and on some days very light. You will have to really stay in touch with your line at all times. I have had some 20 plus fish days this time of year but this is not the normal. If the weather stays warm the fishing can be very good. Remember this time of year your electronics can be very helpful. Look for schools of bait fish or yellow bass. When you start catching bar fish the bass want be far away. Work the areas over very slowly. Some times you may have to scale down to lighter line. This will help the bait fall better.

The bar fish can keep the trip exciting as some times you will reel up a bar fish and have a very large bass come up and take it away from you. The bar fish will keep the younger anglers happy as they are usually easy to catch.

Remember this is a time of year not to fall in the lake as you want last long in the cold water. If you fish alone be sure and wear you life vest. Let someone know where you plan on fishing so if you have trouble some one can locate you. If you are finding it hard to give that special someone a gift, remember a guided fishing trip may be the answer.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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