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Article: May, 2003
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis is hard to write about as everyone has their ideal of what rod they want or like to use. The one thing I tell people who fish with me is the structure we will be fishing is tough and can cause many problems. Many years ago everyone hated to worm fish. The main reason was they hung up all the time. Reason! Most was taught to use a limber rod so you could feel the fight. This was the reason the hang up occurred. When you pulled your worm over a under water structure and it stopped you pulled harder. This resulted in pulling the worm down and then the hook would be exposed only to be stuck into the structure. I recommend a med heavy action rod to worm fish with. When you pull your bait over the structure the stiffer rod will help to pull across it. This goes for spinning gear. The only difference with spinning gear is I recommend using braided line where you can put twenty pound with six pound diameter. This will allow you to work your baits just as on casting gear. On some baits you may have to add leaders to get the bait bit. Talk to your guides on the net and ask them what they recommend you to use. This way you may get different opinions so you can make your own decision.

The rule I use is limber for spinner baits and crank baits and medium heavy for worm or light jig. Heavy for punching heavy grass and a seven foot rod for Carolina rigging that is very heavy action. I would recommend at least two so you don’t have change baits so much.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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