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Lake Fork Pro Guide David VanceDavid Vance's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 11-9-17

Water conditions here at Lake Fork are looking good as we are on the tale end of the turnover, water temperatures have been from the mid to upper 60’s. The fishing this October was one of the toughest I have seen here in a long time, mainly because it stayed so warm, but now that we are into November and it has cooled off, the fishing is starting to pickup but is still not as good as it should be at this time of year. The shallow bite has been fair from the mouths of the creeks to the backs of some of them, most of the fish we have caught shallow have been on Wacky worms, best colors have been watermelon seed and green pumpkin. Shad colored shallow running crank baits, lip less crank baits and spinner baits are also working good. Today we boated 25 bass no big ones, and all on a Carolina Rig and a lip less crank bait.

With this cold front the deep fishing will start to pick up, humps, road beds, points, ridges and old pond dams in 15-25+ feet will all hold schools of bass feeding on shad, and bar fish, and If you are on one of these spots at the right time, you can load the boat. A Carolina rigged Brush Hog, and a supper fluke, 3-4 foot leader and a 3/0 wide gap hook is what I am using to catch the deeper Bass. Best bait colors for me have been watermelon seed, Watermelon Red, or chart pepper. I am also starting to catch fish on a 1/4 oz. football jig head with a smoking shad fluke I have good luck catching suspended fish with this bait this time of year.

November & December is an excellent time to be on the lake, there is less pressure on the lake, and the fish are biting. Spring will be here before you know it so if you are thanking about a spring trip now is the the time to book your trip, my spring books up very fast so book early for best available dates. When planning a trip to Lake Fork in the spring try to come on weekdays, the 2 worst days to fish this lake in March, April, May, is Saturday and Sunday with all the tournaments and boat traffic makes the weekend the 2 toughest days to fish this lake in the spring. You can reach me on my cell 903-629-5085

Good Fishing,
David Vance

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide David Vance

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