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Lake Fork Pro Guide David VanceDavid Vance's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 1-27-2023

 Right now I have a lot of people calling me and booking there spring trips and some ask is now a good time to come? well if you look on Youtube and Facebook there always biting here LOL but in the real world February can be the coldest month of winter here and the fishing can be very tough! and now with the lake 5 foot low and no grass in the lake to fish it will be even tougher and with our weather being so unpredictable, we can get a lot of bad cold fronts from now through the first week of March. I see a lot of people pull there boats here from all over the country that come here way to early and leave disappointed this time of year, you can fish all day with very few bites its all up to the weather how the fishing is going to be. If your planning a spring trip to Lake Fork for both numbers and size the best time to come to Lake Fork is mid March, April, May and June these are the prime!! months to be here that's why Bassmaster likes to have there tournament here in May.

Right now most of our bass have come on Crank baits, Suspending Rogues, and Chatter Baits. These baits will produce some big bass this time of year. I am fishing the outside tree lines in 8 to 10 feet on main lake and secondary points bass are very scattered and holding tight to cover. Creeks that turn on early are Long Branch, Glade, Running Creek, Wolfe, Little Caney and North West Bay.

On the suspending Rogue, the colors I like are black/gold/orange or blue/chrome/orange. Fish these baits on main lake and secondary points and the edge of the timber in 8 to 10 feet deep. The retrieve I use is very basic jerking the bait down with a pause twitch-twitch- pause. This pattern is a lot of work and you get very few bites but it can pay off big!! some of the biggest bass I have caught this time of year have been on a suspending Rogue.

I always look forward to this time of year because it is the start of our Big Bass Season, and on Lake Fork you are just one cast away from catching a real trophy bass. When planning a trip in the Spring, try to come on weekdays, the two worst days to fish this lake in March, April and May are Saturday's and Sunday's. With all the tournaments and boat traffic, it makes the weekends the two toughest days to fish this lake in the spring. If you would like to book a spring guide trip now is the time to call. March, April and May book up very fast!! Book now for best available dates. 903-629-5085 

Good Fishing,

David Vance

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide David Vance

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