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Lake Fork Pro Guide David VanceDavid Vance's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 9-1-2022

August was a crazy weather month with record heat and heavy rain. The rain is a good thing because the lake came up over 2 foot, but is still 5 feet low. With the lake up over 2 feet there's a lot of new flooded cover to fish all over the lake. The bass will be moving into the new shallow cover and as we get into fall with cooler weather the shallow fishing here on Lake Fork should be great!! Right now I'm still fishing main lake points and humps in 15 to 20 foot. Fishing this week has not been great. Most of the fish I'm catching now have been on a Texas rig Fluke and a Carolina rig with a Brush Hog and a speed craw, early in the morning I'm also starting to see some schooling bass and have been catching them on a lipless crank bait. Most of the schooling bass are suspended over 15 to 25 feet of water.

If you're coming to fish the Big Bass Splash this month be careful because the lake is still 5 feet low and a lot of stumps just under the surface. With the big number of people who fish this tournament I am sure there will be some folks in the market for a new lower unit when they get home, so just be careful. The water temp at the time of this report was about 82 degrees on the main lake. September is the start of our fall fishing and with the lake on the rise and all the new flooded grass and cover I think this is going to be some of the best fall fishing we have seen in a long time. But remember September can be a tricky month because this is when the lake starts turning over and it can make the fishing tough until the process is over. If you're planning a fall trip to Lake Fork, October and November is the prime fall fishing here on Lake Fork. If you'd like to book a guide trip and get in on some fall fishing you can call me at 903-629-5085 and check out my web site

Good Fishing,

David Vance

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide David Vance

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