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Seth Vanover's
Lake Fork Catfishing and Crappie Fishing Report

March, 2014
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Submitted: 3-2-14

Well Folks, the magic time is fact approaching! Lake Fork is in terrific shape and the fish are fixing to be red hot! Water levels are still around 4 1/2 foot low, but the grass and water conditions are great! Let's get to the what the fish will soon be doing!

Crappie are on the move. The recent hot and cold days have them somewhat scattered, but it will not be long and they will be coming up the creeks in the spawning areas. We have been catching a few limits here and there in about 20 to 22 feet on brushpiles. There are also come fish showing up at the bridges for those of you who do not have any brush piles out there. When the crappie move up shallow, my tactic of choice is a Slab Bandit jig with any combination that has some red in it. I will through these jigs under a slip sork in depths that range from 1 foot to 7 foot. Be agile and willing to try different depths this time of year. Once you catch 1 or 2, there are usually a group right around there close.

Lake O Pines Crappie are on the move. We are starting to catch them in shallow water now and this will only get better during March. I use the same set up as I use on Fork, but I typically use more minnows when fishing Pines.

Let's move the catfish! Well O well! If you want to load up on Channels, this is time! We have been smashing good size channels in 15 to 25 feet right now and this too will only get better! I have been using my old favorite chicken livers, and also using an excellent cheese bait made Stubby! This stuff is out of this world! No stink and no mess! Check it out! This is happening on both Lake O Pines and Fork right now.

As for my live bait trips, you can only imagine what is about to happen! This time of year we usually don't boat may fish, but the ones we catch will either go into the Share Lunker program, or come very close!

I hope everyone has a great Spring on beautiful Lake Fork and Lake O Pines!

Seth Vanover

Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover
Phone: 903-736-4557


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