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Seth Vanover's
Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

Report Submitted 2-2-16
Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

 Well folks. The magical time of Spring is fast approaching! Fish will begin their move to the shallow waters very soon. Water levels are up and the lake is in great shape for the spawn. Lets look forward to what is in store for the fish!

Around mid to late February the crappie will start making the move to the medium range water depths. This will be around 20 to 30 feet and will concentrate pretty good on the bridges. As the water warms up, you can just follow them up in the shallows and break out the slip corks. Once the crappie have got into the shallows, you will need to troll the banks and start pitching at isolated cover with your slip cork until you get a bite. Depth for this will usually be in the 1 to 3 foot range. Once you get bit, stop, drop and anchor, Talon, tie to a stump or something to keep you in that spot. Because once you get bit in one spot, there are usually a lot more crappie close by.

Catfish are a lot like the crappie in that they will move into shallow water fairly soon. Starting about the first week of March, the cats will start to show up in 1 to 4 foot of water. The big difference it cats will stay in that shallow water a lot longer than the crappie will. We usually catch cats in the super shallow water all the way to the end of May. My go to bait when chasing catfish is Stubbys Cheesebait. This bait is simply some of the best I have ever used. It stays on the hook and you can cast it when probing the shallow water. My rig for this is simple. #4 treble hook, no weight and a bobber. That's it! Chunk it out, let it set for a few minutes and if you are the right spot, it will take about 1 minute and poles will start bending! And once it starts, it's non stop! This is a blast for the kiddos!

Sabine River White Bass:
If you want fast, non stop action, this is the trip! Water levels are coming down and If we do not get anymore rain, it is fairly easy for a party of three people to catch their limits plus a couple of hundred extra fish!

Spring break is around the corner. If you have plans to visit the Lake Fork, Lake O Pines or Sabine River areas give me a call and lets fill the boat up with a lot of fish!!

Thanks everyone and good fishing!

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover

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