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Seth Vanover's
Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

Report Submitted 1-18-18

Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

Well folks, I know its been awhile since I made a report and I apologize for that! My New Years resolution is to keep everyone more informed! So lets talk about what's going on and what's about to be going on!

Lake O Pines:

Easiest way to put this is this lake is fishing excellent right now! We are catching limits of big crappie right now on a variety of techniques. The most productive way is we are setting up a double minnow rig using a 1oz weight on the bottom. Tie two crappie hooks about 18 inches apart above the weight and slowly drag the bottom. We are staying in 27 to 32 feet along the river channel. A double minnow rig is also very productive. We have been using two 1/8oz feather jigs in a variety of colors depending on the day. The most consistent has been black and chartreuse and blue and cinnamon. Make sure you tip each jig with a Berkley Crappie Nibble and you will be in business!

Lake Fork:

The magic time is just around the corner on Fork! If you like watching a cork disappear, come to Fork in March through mid April! Starting about March the crappie will start their move up to shallow water for the spawn and its a blast to get into em under the corks. Look for weed lines on the upper end of the lake and slowly troll down these lines throwing your cork right up against the weeds. Once you get a bite, stop! There will be several crappie in that area, so make sure you cover it very well. Usually chunking a minnow under the cork is most productive, but jigs can also work well.

If you are coming to Fork this spring and are looking to fill a cooler with these slabs, give me a call and Ill show you how is done folks!

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover

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