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Seth Vanover's
Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

Report Submitted 4-16-18

Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

Well folks, another spring on Lake Fork and Lake O Pines has not disappointed! The shallow water bite has been excellent but some days tough. As of right now, there are still several fish shallow on the mid lake and lower end areas, but up north, most of the spawn for crappie has completed. Lets break down each lake.

Lake Fork: Pockets below the 515 bridge both east and west, are still holding huge schools of shallow crappie. You really have to take your time and pick apart the grass lines deep in the creeks and pockets. We have been doing best fishing a minnow under a slip cork about 18 inches. It can be frustrating because of the hanging up in the grass, but that's the best bet on getting bites. Once you have got a bite, stop! Tie to a tree, drop an anchor, something. Stay where you are! Then you target the immediate area by casting to each side of where you got the bite. The white crappie will travel in large school and spawn in large schools. So once you get bit, there should be more in the area.

Lake O Pines: The same pattern exist on Pines, except there you will need to target the flooded buck brush. Pines is running about two feet high right now and there is a lot of flooded brush. Most of the spawning has concluded above the 155 bridge so make sure you target areas below there towards the dam. Use the same pattern as Fork. Be mobile and fish tight to the brush. Once I locate a school of fish, I have been letting boat rest up against the brush and we have been literally dropping the minnow into the middle of the brush slinging fish out of it. This also can be a tough way to fish, but also very productive.

Very soon, both lakes will be done with the spawn, and the fish will start to move back out to the brush piles. This is when they get much easier to find and much easier to pattern. Usually about mid May, start looking for them on the piles.

I hope this helps everyone and if you are planning a trip to Fork or Pines, give me a shout and if I'm booked, I would be glad to give you some helpful information. Thanks again everyone


Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover

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