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Lake Fork Cat fishing and Crappie Fishing Report

January, 2015
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Submitted: 1-1-2015

Winter is certainly here which means change is in the air folks! Lake Fork levels are low right now so please be careful when using even the boating lanes. Other than the level, the lake is in great shape and the fishing is good both here and Lake O Pines.
Lets start with the Lake Fork. The crappie have moved into the hard winter pattern and are bunched up on main lake areas such as dams and deep points. Look for the shad congregated deep and you will find the crappie. The main target depth should be around 30 to 35 feet in these areas. Minnows have been producing best lately with the jig bite really a day to day thing on what the fish want and how they want it.
On to Lake O Pines. Easiest way to put it is Pines is on fire right now!! We have been boating several limits of nice size black and white crappie. The bite, like on Fork, can vary from day to day. One day the fish will want a jig, the next they will want a minnow so be prepared for both. the fish are hanging near the mouth of the main river channel in 25 to 32 feet of water. A good technique to use for these fish is drifting. Just make sure you have enough weight to keep your bait near the bottom.
Also, the White Bass have already began to show up on the Sabine River! We had a trip in late December where we caught around 150 or so. Right now, these are the small males coming from Toledo Ben, but it will not be long and the magnum females will be showing up. Its a blast to take a kiddo in thsi trip! Non stop action I promise.
Hope this helps everyone and if you are looking for a trip on any of the bodies of water, give me a call and lets plan a trip!

Seth Vanover

Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover
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