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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

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Report Submitted: 6-5-2021

Welcome to Lake Fork

Lake level is a little over full pool and surface temps are getting up to high 70s at the end of the day. This has been a very strange Spring since the ice storm we had this Winter. It seems like it's never going to quit raining. Here we are in the first week of June and we're fishing moderately shallow. I love deeper water this time of year and they just won't get on my deep spots because of water temps. There are some that are beginning move that way but it's not right yet. The spawn was late and there are still some on the lower end of the lake that are not quite done. We have had several fish in the past week shallow that just finished up with bloody tails. I am finally off the banks and mainly fishing secondary points and main lake points in 6' to 10'. Drop shot, tx rig and c-rig has been our go to techniques. But crank baits on some days will work well. With all the cloudy days we've top waters are also working well early at times and sometimes on the darker days they can be fished periodically all during the day in some areas. The frog bite has also been pretty good on the Northern end. On the top water when we have calmer wind I like Evergreens Shower Blow and in water with a little chop Reaction Innovations Vixen. In about a week or so with warmer weather hopefully we will start fishing a little deeper offshore on long points, ridges an roadbeds. I still have some good dates available this month and booking July dates. Normally June is one of my favorite big fish months offshore. You can reach me @ 972 979 4850 by calling or texting me, You can also email me As always thanks for reading my report.

Good Fishing,

Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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